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Daniel Rodriguez
Not maximized calendar portlet
October 4, 2006 4:01 AM

Daniel Rodriguez

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Hello all,

I'm developing a modification of liferay calendar portlet and I need that the calendar portlet never gets maximized. I have modified the .jsp from this portlet, changing all the WindowState.MAXIMIZED for WindowState.NORMAL.

It works correctly at first view, because the portlet is allways in normal size, but when you do click on any day inside Summary, or Year, it doesn't go to this day, it goes to current day. It doesn't matter which day you choose.

It's really strange for me because some links works correctly and other don't, one example of the link that doesn't work is the ones that call to the function updateCalendar. I have check it and the variables month, day and year are the correct ones.

URL that doesn't work
1    function <portlet:namespace />updateCalendar(month, day, year) {
2        self.location = '<portlet:renderURL windowState="<%= WindowState.NORMAL.toString() %>"><portlet:param name="tabs1" value="day" /><portlet:param name="eventType" value="<%= eventType %>" /></portlet:renderURL>&<portlet:namespace />month=' + month + '&<portlet:namespace />day=' + day + '&<portlet:namespace />year=' + year;
3    }

URL that works
1<a href="<portlet:renderURL windowState="<%= WindowState.NORMAL.toString() %>"><portlet:param name="struts_action" value="/calendar/view" /><portlet:param name="tabs1" value="day" /><portlet:param name="month" value="<%= Integer.toString(cal.get(Calendar.MONTH)) %>" /><portlet:param name="day" value="<%= Integer.toString(cal.get(Calendar.DATE)) %>" /><portlet:param name="year" value="<%= Integer.toString(cal.get(Calendar.YEAR)) %>" /></portlet:renderURL>">

I cannot see any important difference, can it be maybe something about the variables?

Thank you really much for your time


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