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Meera Prince
Unable to get updated value from portlesession with ajax combination
April 19, 2011 12:56 AM

Meera Prince

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hi to all
hai i am new to Lieray portal,
i have used ajax in my one of portlet,
my requirement i need get some values from database without page refresh,
i have done all my code. but i am unable to get get updated value from portletsession object in my view jsp page.
when i am select some value in dropdown in on change i have call one java script method, this java script method use ajax to call one of my controller class i am using strutsportlet,
i have created actionUrl and i am passing this url in ajax call it goes to my action class and execute processAction method. there i am gettng some values from database and set those values in PortletSession onject. after executing this call i am getting this portlet session values in my jsp page but it gives NULL values. i am unable to get updated values. If i refresh the page then i am getting the value. but i need only ajax call and page shuld not be refreshed.i have used applicationScope while setting the value in portletsession object.
please let me give solution for this. i am using liferay5.0.1 .
is there any other way to do this please let me know.
and i want use ajax jequrty in my portlets please give me the better way to apply these technology in portlets.

thanks in advance

Regards Meera Prince