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Tiur LG //Softbless
Improved Indonesian Language Pack for latest Liferay
March 19, 2011 10:35 PM

Tiur LG //Softbless

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Hi All emoticon

We've made improvement for Indonesian Language Pack for the latest Liferay.

How could I commit it?

Is it enough that we make new issue in Jira? Fyi, we've created a new issue:

Please submit it to the latest edition of Liferay emoticon

Btw, if anyone wants to help and contribute in this translation process, you can directly contact us in or post a reply to this forum.

---- Same text in Bahasa Indonesia ---------------

Halo Semua emoticon

Kami sudah memperbaiki dan menambah terjemahan bahasa Indonesia untuk Liferay terbaru.

Bagaimana cara commit-nya yah?

Apa cukup dibuat issue di JIRA? Fyi, kami sudah buat issue baru di :

Tolong bisa dimasukkan ke dalam Liferay edisi terbaru emoticon

Jika ada yang ingin membantu dan berkontribusi dalam proses penerjemahan ini, bisa langsung kontak kami di atau reply di forum ini.
Julio Camarero
RE: Improved Indonesian Language Pack for latest Liferay
March 21, 2011 4:28 AM

Julio Camarero


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Thanks a lot Tiur, I just added you as the leader of this translation:

As the leader, if anyone tries to modify the Indonesian translation I would ask them to send you their changes so that you approve them before they are updated in liferay. Please, subscribe to the translations forums to be updated of any news (if you aren't subscribed already).

In order to accept your latest contribution I just need you to click on the "Contribute Solution" button.

Thanks a lot!