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xun ren
How does DynamicSelect work?
May 10, 2008 10:28 PM

xun ren

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Hi all,
I want to create a dynamic select in my jsp page. That means if the user choose different item I will get the corresponding data from my database and show the result in a table in the same jsp page. The problem is that how can change and get the select index once the user has chosen a different one. I tried to using javascript like: onChange(). However, it doesn't work. Because javascript runs on the client side and I need to get the data from mysql.

And I also noticed that in liferay's code there is a dynamic select like this: the country and region select in the enterprise admin portlet. So could you please take a look at the code: /portlal/portal-web/docroot/html/portlet/enterprise_admin/edit_address.jsp and tell me how does the javascript function: DynamicSelect.create work. What can I do to change the parameters? Thank you in advance!