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Bob Dietrich
What constitutes a Liferay release?
August 29, 2010 2:46 PM

Bob Dietrich

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Call me old fashioned, but in my experience delivering a software release is more than simply marking code in your revision control system with the current release tag. I know the good folks at Liferay realize this, but at the same time there's been a bit of inconsistency in what's available at release time. Most recently GA3 was released without updating plugins. Maybe it was just oversight, but I'd like to get a clear set of expectations established between Liferay and the user community. I'm also not focusing on internal artifacts like completed test plans.

So what artifacts go into a Liferay release? Here are some suggestions for a checklist:

Source code marked in Subversion
Release notes created and uploaded
Download images built and uploaded to SourceForge
Download link updated on Liferay site
Portlet, theme, etc. plugins built and uploaded to SourceForge
Plugins uploaded to Liferay repository
API/Javadoc updated
Admin manual updated
Wiki updated
What's new in this release that requires special handling?
What changes are going to affect developers and administrators?
Release announcement prepared

Just a suggestion - feel free to tweak.