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Hervé Ménage
Liferay 5.0 and Portlet Specs v2.0
March 11, 2008 5:29 AM

Hervé Ménage

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Hello all !

I am looking forward to download Liferay v5.0 and its Portlet v2 support !!! emoticon

Although the specification specifies the "must" features, which have to be implemented in all portlet containers, some features are optional or "may" be implemented in a way or another.

In order to develop portlets that are either portable amongst portlet containers or that take full benefit of Liferay's portlet container features, it would be very useful to know the details of the specification's implementation in Liferay 5.0:
- What are the supported features ?
- What are the features that will be supported in Liferay 5.0.x ?
- What are the features that are not planned to be supported ?

Well basically, please clarify any "may" or "depends on portlet container implementation" we can read in the specification ;-)

Thank you

Best regards