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Luca Preziati
Share a Instanciable Portlet
July 15, 2010 1:36 AM

Luca Preziati

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I'm try to use Liferay in a particular project.

I this project I need to share some portlet in the portal.

And So I have some different approch:

-sharing my portlet in a IFRAME with the Liferay.Widget
-sharing my portlet running

#set ($myPortletId = "56_INSTANCE_8Wyn")

This two approch have the current limit:
-the first one render the portlet in a IFRAME, without considering the portlet size.
-the second one generated each time a news portlet preference.

The second one is the winner approach for a non instanciable portlet.

So, this is my question, why doesn't exist a method for share the code of the same portlet, if I want that my portlet have this ID, it has the same preference.

All this born from sharing a Journal Content Display, with the same configuration, without recreate it each time, so I change its configuration somewhere and I see the all thing in each page of the portal.

Any suggestion?