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wolfgang kubens
Set session value from velocity template
July 7, 2010 3:48 PM

wolfgang kubens

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I have created a structure and a velocity template. As far as good. The idea is to render different outputs depending on a simple flag which will set after first view:

 1#set ($sessionService=$serviceLocator.findService("net.woocoom.service.SessionService.impl"))
 2#set ($flag=$sessionService.getAttribute('flag'))
 4#if ($flag==false)
 5  #set ($flag = $sessionService.setAttribute('flag',true))
 7  <p>viewed first time in this session</p>
11  <p>viewed before in this session</p>

I know that I have just access to restricted variables inside velocity templates. Therefore I assume that a service could be helpful, but I am not sure.

Does anybody know if this would be possible or does anybody know another similar approach?

Thanks in advance

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