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Dave Weitzel
Managing new organization types
July 1, 2010 1:04 PM

Dave Weitzel

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I am sure I am not the first to really want this but cant find any similar postings.
I am wanting to represent multiple "group types" with in the portal and find the organization and community options as pretty restrictive. In particular I want to be able to reflect positions (chair, secretary, manager) within particular group types (such as committees, projects and regions, which would need users to be assigned to the position, typically these would be titular only not related to permissions/roles.

I can see how to create new types of organization and found:
to be very useful.

There are some questions that I would like answered though.

a) can I create new group-types of communities as well as organizations (type is used by the open/restricted/closed property) I see projects as being typical of a community not organization group-type? committees could be either organization or community type

b) can I add my own data fields for a community?

I see references to this section in the file:


c) I believe these can be targeted to particular types by adding is that correct?

d) if I add custom "position" text field properties can I just develop my own subfile and add that say in the miscellaneous section for organizations.form.update.miscellaneous=positions so it isn't used in other organization types?

FYI I am looking at the liferay 6.0.2 release as I will be implementing in a few months so plan on using release 6 for production.

Any pointers or suggestions would help, including examples of what others have done.