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Dennis Nes
Advice for REST CRUD operations
June 7, 2010 2:38 AM

Dennis Nes

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I am looking for some advice for dealing with REST operations inside liferay.

My database operations are based on REST. I used a Netbeans tool to create them. Now I want to create the BUI inside Liferay to make operations. Here are my questions

1. Is there a tool that maps REST/XSD/XML data to form data, like input fields an so on?
2. Is there a tool that maps REST/XSD/XML data to view data, like output text an so on?
3. Maybe some of you have the seen the Netbeans JSF-DB wizard, which creates CRUD operations out of the SQL-schema. I am looking for something similiar for XML schmemas
4. If no tools exist? What would be the preferd way of creating something like this manually