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Kyle Joseph Stiemann
How to Quickly Get Answers + Forum Rules
November 28, 2017 10:49 AM

Kyle Joseph Stiemann


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Before posting here, please read the Community Content Policies and Guidelines .

In this forum, the following subjects are on-topic:
  • Liferay Faces
  • Liferay + JSF
  • JSF
  • PrimeFaces
  • Icefaces
  • Richfaces
  • other JSF component suites
The following subjects are off-topic:
We will move off-topic posts to their most appropriate message board heading.

How to Quickly Get Answers:
On the Liferay Faces team we attempt to answer as many forum posts as we can. It's in our best interest (and your best interest) to get your questions answered quickly, so it's in your best interest to follow some guidelines for programming, debugging, and configuration questions:
  1. Follow the Content Policies and on-topic/off-topic rules.
  2. Follow Forum Posting Guideline #11:
    11. Zombie Threads. Don't revive old, dead threads with only remotely relevant information. Instead, start a new thread with a reference to the old/dead thread (if applicable).
    It takes us longer to answer a question when it is attached to an old thread because we need to check the thread for useful information and spend time determining if the thread is even relevant. Instead of resurrecting a dead thread, try quoting () from it and posting all the relevant details to give other users the cliff notes of what is relevant from that thread.
  3. Check that you are using the correct version of Liferay Faces using our Archetype Portlet at
  4. Follow Forum Posting Guideline #7:
    7. Include enough relevant information.
    In the Liferay Faces Forums this means posting the version of Liferay, the version of JSF, the version of Liferay Faces, the version of the component suite you use, and the versions of any other relevant dependencies for your project. We need to be able to check if you are using the correct versions of the software and check if there are any known issues in your version. If you post your versions initially, you will make it much easier to answer your question.
  5. Create a Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example (SSCCE). For simpler problems, this can be a code snippet , but for more complex ones, you will likely need to attach an entire example portlet.
  6. Try adding your code to one of our demo portlets to check if you still get the error. Adding the code to a working demo portlet eliminates many variables such as configuration issues. If you try this initially and post the code and your results, you will make it much easier to answer your question (and it goes a long way towards helping you create the SSCCE referenced above).

Other good places to get Liferay or JSF answers/info:'s Liferay Faces Tutorials
The Liferay Faces Dev Guide Chapter
The Liferay Forums
The AlloyUI Forums
StackOverflow's JSF tag
StackOverflow's Liferay tag
StackOverflow's AlloyUI tag
StackOverflow's AUI tag
StackOverflow's PrimeFaces tag

- Kyle

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