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Scott Palmer
How to add custom role types (sub-types) in Liferay
April 19, 2010 7:06 AM

Scott Palmer

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For anyone who may be wondering how to create custom role types (sub-types to be exact). This may be used to search for role types if you have a large number of roles.

Here are the steps:

1) add the following to

1# Specify subtypes of roles if you want to be able to search for roles
2# using your custom criteria.

2) Restart the app server

3) add a new role (make sure it's type is set to the parent of the sub-type you are wanting to add later. In the example above you would use "regular role" to access "subtype1" later.

4) save the role

5) reopen the role (Actions>Edit)

6) now you will see the subtype menu and you can select subtype1,subtype2 or subtype3

Suggestions: Would be great if we didn't have to save the role first to be able to view the sub-type.