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Jorge Ferrer
Restricted permissions to create new threads about core development have be
March 24, 2010 11:23 AM

Jorge Ferrer


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Hey guys,

We have restored the permissions of this category that had been removed with the migration to the permission algorithm 6 of Unfortunately due to the lack of this permissions this category had been abused for topics not related to core development which made the category not so useful anymore to discuss core development.

This is how it should be working now:
  1. Only the most active core developers and contributors will be allowed to create new threads
  2. Everybody else will be able to participate in the thread
  3. Some subcategories will have a more relaxed permissioning. Accessibility, Beta Testing, Contributions, Liferay IDE, PortletFaces and Translations will allow posts by anyone (unless they are abused)

If you find that it doesn't work like that for any of you please let me know answering to this thread. Also, if you think that you are an active community member and would like to have permission to post new threads related to core development let us know and we'll consider your petition.