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Peter Fox
Custom Velocity Tools on Liferay 6 from ext-plugin
March 14, 2010 8:44 AM

Peter Fox

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Hello all,

I've started playing with Liferay 6 from trunk.
Quite impressive so far.. but trying to migrate code from previous versions and to use custom velocity tools on CMS templates with liferay6.

So does not exist on liferay6 and not sure which replacement to I've copied old one from 5.2.x and I'm using it with my custom ext-plugin.

All seams to work at least $utilLocator or $serviceLocator are working from CMS template and debugging I can check that my AOP proxy class is being registered... problem is that MethodInterceptor seams to not be working.. this way for e.g:

#set ($myTool = $utilLocator.findUtil('com.mytool.MyToolUtil')) -->ok
$myTool.operationOne() --> does nothing! nok and ny kind of exception

Any ideas on this? and any example how to use freemarker template driven CMS articles too?

Thanks in advance
Alex Galkin
RE: Custom Velocity Tools on Liferay 6 from ext-plugin
November 29, 2012 2:45 PM

Alex Galkin

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For Liferay 6 there is more up-to-date article

That worked for me - try on your side.

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