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Varun Sadana
Subscription: How to put the thread URL in the Subsciption mail
February 11, 2008 1:20 AM

Varun Sadana

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We are using Liferay 4. 2.2. What we want to do is that when we send the Subscription Mail, we want to send the URL of the thread in the mail as well.

For the URL, i have included a parameter in view_message_thread_message.jsp something like this

String cur_url = (String) request.getAttribute(WebKeys.CURRENT_URL);
request.setAttribute(WebKeys.CUR_URL, cur_url);

However, I need to know how I can use this at the required place.
For what I have known till now, the Subsciption sending code is at notifySubscribers() in portlet/message_boards/service/impl/

Please help

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