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New2 Liferay
Liferay + Icefaces Image Upload preview problem
March 9, 2010 1:07 PM

New2 Liferay

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Hi All

We are building an application using Liferay(5.2.2) and icedaces(1.8).
We used fileupload component from Icefaces to upload images. We have a reuirement to show preview of images which are uploaded.

We have done followig things.
Take the image to be uploaded.
Compress it to give size ( say not more than 50X50, ~250 kb)
Set the preview in Managed bean with compressed image
Save compressed image in DB.

When i run the codein local environment it works, but when deployed on server(remote) it does not work.

I belive, by the time response come from server, browser would have closed the response thread.
Any suggestions please?