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Patrizio Munzi
Problem implementing staging for my portlet
January 26, 2010 9:13 AM

Patrizio Munzi

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Hi evrybody,
I'm implementing the staging feature for my portlets.

Actually I've already implemented the staging basic features by implementing all my DataHandlers.

Now I'm trying to mirror the portal staging behaviour.

For example I'd like my staged data being delete if the staging checkbox into the community Settings page.
Analyzing liferay code however the staged data deleting is done into the deleteGroup() method of the GropuLocalServiceImpl class and as far as I know that's not customizable without re-compiling the portal source code.

Is there a way to customize GroupService behaviour??

I also noticed another problem in the staging feature.
Into the staging option window getting out clicking on the "Publish to Live" button of the staged page a few options never shown.
For example the DATA_STRATEGY and the DELETE_DATA checkbox never shown, the for example the deleteData() method into the DataHandler is never called for the staging but only for import.

Hope someone could help me!
Artur Linhart
RE: Problem implementing staging for my portlet
January 29, 2012 9:55 AM

Artur Linhart

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Hello, did you solved this problem? I also want to implement staging for my portlet (or at least I would like the portlet is always taken over from staged environment with its preferences and in the live environment should not be shown the "porltet preferences" button), but do not know, how to do it exactly...

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