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Rice Owl
Embedded Portlet & User Role
November 21, 2009 3:54 PM

Rice Owl

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Hi all,

I had a quick question. I developed a simple custom portlet (using the Plug-in SDK). Basically, its just a simple link that tells you if you have new messages and when you click it, redirects the page.

In my development environment, it was working fine, but when I promoted the code I would get the "You do have the proper roles for this portlet" exception. After digging around, I found that in my DEV environment, the default role association includes Power User, whereas my PROD environment its USER.

For a temporary fix, I gave everyone Power User and have this as a default role association for new users.

But I was wondering, where can I set that the Role user can access that portlet? I tried a few different things and none worked. Or can only Power Users get a ccess to custom portlets on the theme? I should note that when I put the same portlet on a page, it worked fine. So I don't think its a portlet configuration (which has all the roles anyway in the liferay-portlet.xml config file)