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Ravi Kumar Gupta
Override CSS in JSF portlets
November 2, 2009 7:36 AM

Ravi Kumar Gupta

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Hello Frnds,

I am using visual web jsf with Netbeans(portal pack) to create JSF portlets. I want to apply my own styles onto the views. I tried modifying stylesheet.css but its not getting reflected.

The styles are coming from webui-suntheme.jar applied by netbeans while creating project. One solution is to modify the jar file but we have already created many portlets and dont want to modify jar now.

I tried adding styles to custom.css of my custom theme but there also its not getting reflected. When I see the applied css through firebug, custom.css appears after defaults css. This is case with this only. Rest all places work fine with custom.css.

Please help.


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