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Henrik Luomala
Message board attachments not showing
August 25, 2014 6:47 AM

Henrik Luomala

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When I attach an image to a message board post, it seems to be successfully uploaded, I can view the image using the bottom link, but the image is not loaded into the message (broken image symbol shows up).

- Install fresh LR portal 6.2
- Mysql database, generate sample content
- Sign in, create new community site (private) and empty page
- Go to community, drag and drop Message board portlet on page
- Start a thread, add an attachment (01.jpg, 48kb) and publish

The link that works: http://localhost:8080/documents/portlet_file_entry/11432/01.jpg/4d9a40e6-fb56-4dc9-a398-684bc35e7636
The image tag that fails to load attachment: <img alt="Attachment" src="/c/message_boards/get_message_attachment?messageId=11465&amp;attachment=01.jpg" id="yui_patched_v3_11_0_1_1408973653056_1015">

Has anyone else stumbled across this? Grateful for any help.

Attachments: Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 16.46.45.png (13.9k)

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