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Raj Sriramoju
Liferay Eclipse Development environment
August 10, 2009 12:50 PM

Raj Sriramoju

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To Liferay team:

Liferay is gaining phenomenal traction over the years and it is certainly a promising Portal platform. However, there is not much work done in providing a good development environment based on eclipse.

Current Liferay eclipse plugins are having bare minimum functionality. If Liferay can dedicate their resources to build a very good development tool based on Eclipse, it can take Liferay to new heights and many more organizations willing to come forward to adopt it. If you compare commercial vendors like IBM, they invest so much of their time and energy in providing good development environment to develop, deploy and debug the portlets. This is seriously lacking in Liferay world.

I bet if there is a robust IDE support, many orgainziations come forward to adopt Liferay as the preferred portal platform. I know there is a Plugin SDK, but we need some thing like IBM Rational Application Developer to work on end to end portal development.

If Liferay can pursue this and provide a robust dev environment, I'm sure they can offer great competition in the Portal world. I would like Liferay to be more successful.

Go for it Liferay. It will be great if some Liferayer can comment or provide a roadmap.

Raj Sriramoju