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Dave Weitzel
Accessing configuration options when use-default-template=false
January 20, 2014 1:34 PM

Dave Weitzel

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We have a portlet that has to be configured with:
in liferay-portlet.xml so that it can be included in another portlet's jsp page using the liferay-ui:runtime tag

However when it is deployed by itself we need to be able to configure various options that it supports.

Is there a way of effectively saying dont use the default-template for the one instance of the portlet that is included in the jsp file?

I cannot find a suitable portletPreference but then again there is no list that I am aware of values used by the core liferay capabilities.

Any other ideas?

Stefan Brötz
RE: Accessing configuration options when use-default-template=false
January 22, 2014 6:00 AM

Stefan Brötz

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Hi Dave,

if you disable "use-default-template" then Liferay is doing exactly what you requested: It does not display any default controls and only shows the content created by the portlet's render() method.

So if you need to have a configuration link (or a remove button or any other control present in the default template), your portlet has to render it on its own.

Best, Stefan.

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