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James Falkner
READ FIRST: Liferay Job Posting Requirements
January 9, 2014 12:31 PM

James Falkner

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Gainful employment is valued in our industry and in the Liferay Community and solicitations for Liferay-related jobs are acceptable when done so in this forum, which gives potential applicants a focused place to monitor for future employment opportunities. This area is for posting job openings, not for advertising commercial services like training or consulting. Posts for the same company and/or same job must not be repeated, or artificially "bumped" within 90 days of the last attempt. Repeated posts for the same Liferay job or same company and Liferay job type are subject to deletion, warnings, and/or bans. Job postings in other forum areas may be deleted or moved to the proper category. Posts for non-Liferay-related Jobs will be deleted, and repeated postings of this type may subject the posting account to warnings and/or bans.