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Andrew Jardine
Friendly URLs & Forms
January 8, 2014 6:20 PM

Andrew Jardine

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Hey Guys,

I'm a at a loss at the moment so I am hoping someone can help me out. I'm trying to include Friendly URLs in my project. I'm having a lot of issues at the moment so I thought I would go back to basics and make a demo portlet to try out the different concepts. Here is what I have --

1. Using <portlet:renderURL/> -- works.
2. Using <portlet:actionURL/> -- works
3. Using form (method=GET) -- NOT working.

The form action is a <portlet:renderURL/>. There are two fields, first and last. No matter what I try I always get back ...?first=John&last=Doe

So now I am wondering -- is it possible to have friendly URLs (using the DefaultFriendlyURLMapper) when working with form data?

Liferay 6.1.2 GA3 CE


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