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Subhash Pavuskar
Set order of portlet as user set
December 30, 2013 6:57 AM

Subhash Pavuskar

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Hi All,

Assume that suppose i have 5 portlet i.e (Portlet-1,Portlet-2,Portlet-3,Portlet-4,Portlet-5) and say placed all
5 portlet in Page-A now all user have privileged to change order of the portlet

EX :
admin ll login and he will set following order Portlet-1,Portlet-2,Portlet-3,Portlet-4,Portlet-5
Now user-1 will login and he will set order Portlet-2,Portlet-3,Portlet-5,Portlet-4,Portlet-1
And user-2 will login and he will set order Portlet-5,Portlet-4,Portlet-1,Portlet-2,Portlet-3

now i need to save all these order in my DB so next time when user logs in he need to get following order only, as he set before.
is that possible if yes then any clue or suggestion.
Ritresh Girdhar
RE: Set order of portlet as user set
December 27, 2013 4:10 AM

Ritresh Girdhar

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Very interesting and tricky requirement . Great
* Liferay store their portlet order and details in Layout table for accessing layout Table we have LayoutLocalService Utility.
*For saving the order with respect to user , You need to create custom DB ? but issue is how to invoke you code while change order of portlet?

Have anyone any idea ? How to invoke action while changing portlet order.?

@Subhash , If you get answer . Please do post. This is very interesting scenario

Have a nice day!!!

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