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Christianto Sahat
Automatic input for web content for data migration
December 11, 2013 7:39 PM

Christianto Sahat

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Hi all,

Anyone have experience creating script / browser automation / application to automate data entry into Liferay's web content ?

I have so much data to migrate from old web application into Liferay, and in Liferay we are using Structure + Template.

I am exploring Selenium for this purpose. My question :

1. Is Selenium able to grab data from old website and post it into Liferay automatically ?
2. Anyone willing to share experience, for people who have done this ?

Victor Zorin
RE: Automatic input for web content for data migration
December 12, 2013 12:38 PM

Victor Zorin

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Unless you are using someone-else's website to grab HTML content from, using Selenium may sound a bit cowboy-ish... emoticon

For solid and repeatable migration outcome, the preference would be to have access to the content management system of the original site, e.g. database or some sort of extract of articles, and then writing a migration script/program which will copy articles' content across.
In most cases we just create a simple servlet web application which does this, deploy it to a target Liferay portal and then invoke the migration run by calling the URL of this servlet.

Using this approach a number of large (and multilingual) content migrations have been started and completed in a couple of days, from custom CMS, Domino, WordPress, etc.
I do not think that these tasks could be achieved using Selenium, does not matter how exciting the HTML hacking process could be for whoever would attempt doing it this way.

Just another relevant link: Web site WEB CONTENT(e.g. html) migration to Liferay