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James Falkner
Liferay Community Leadership Team Meetup - Q4 2013
November 14, 2013 1:24 PM

James Falkner

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Hi all,

It's that time again - time for another leadership meetup! You can review the last meeting's minutes, and think about your availability for this next one. We should have had it in Q3, but I've unfortunately not had time to plan! So I'm shooting for late November/early December.

I've invited Juan Fernández, Liferay Product Manager, to give the team an overview of Liferay's upcoming Cloud Services and how our community will be able to use it (see his 20 minute presentation from the 2013 Spain Symposium (en Español), but if you don't speak Spanish you can turn on captions and automatic translation to get a good idea of what it's about).

I propose we have a meetup to cover this and other community happenings the last several months. I've created a Doodle to help us pick a date. NOTE: The doodle knows of timezones. Be sure to pick yours from the list before viewing the times, so you are viewing local times and not California time.

Topic's I'd like to cover (please suggest more!)

- Status of open issues from last meeting (James F)
- Liferay Cloud Services Introduction & Discussion (Juan F)
- Status of recent releases, results of 6.2 Community Beta program (James F)
- Community Programs updates (BugSquad, CV, Security Team, etc) in particular Liferay University (James F)
- Forum Reorganization (James F)
- Quarterly community metrics review (James F)
- Marketplace news
- Any other items?

We may not get to all of these! Please check off the times you are able to meet on the Doodle! I tried to provide a range of dates and times to fit the differing timezones, but it's impossible for everyone to be happy, so if you elect to attend at an inconvenient hour for you, I really appreciate it and hope you can understand the difficulties of herding cats across timezones. I am also going to recruit some new members, and I'd suggest you do the same if you know of someone interested in the future of our community!