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Gurumurthy Godlaveeti
How to make one application as instancable
November 9, 2013 12:51 AM

Gurumurthy Godlaveeti

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Hi Guys,

I have requirement to run any application dynamically. I don't want to drag applications into page but i want to load the application based based on user selection.

Administrator goes to one main portlet configuration page & decides to show 5 applications. Those application links only will be visible to user. Once user clicks on any link then he will get that application into picture.

I did it with the help of "", it's running fine also but i have one challenge here.

I would like to configure one portlet for two or three times which is having the instance as true in liferay-portlet.xml file but "" supports to run one portlet inside another portlet but not with instance.

If i drag one portlet into page for multiple times into page which is having instance as true then it's able to run on different instances. The same thing i need while running one portlet inside another portlet.

If anyone knows the answer for this then guide me.

Gurumurthy. G

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