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Dave Weitzel
Missing methods in Service SOAP services
October 16, 2013 8:06 PM

Dave Weitzel

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Is anyone else frustrated by the missing methods from most of the <Object>ServiceUtil APis when you start to code a Web Client? hyarent they markedin the docs in some way to say these arent exposed even though this is why we have a ServiceUtil .

I am trying to develop a pretty comprehensive data migration tool to load data from an existing IIS /SQL server web site to convert structured content, users, images documents, comments and general web content and keep finding I cannot do what I want to and many times it may be possible but in odd manner (like retrieving all items and iterating through them. I have what are now very tight deadlines.
I am using CE GA2, but does anyone know if GA3 improves this and if we can somehow use the portlet-client.jar from that with GA2?
Does the LcePatchers release add any services ?

In particular issues are now:
1) unable to import comments that related to web content as there is no way to get the thread Id associated with a JournalArticle (MBDIscussionLocalServiceUtil exists but no ServiceUtil at all.) the MBDiscussion table is where the detail is found.

2) Unable to set the FileEntryTypeId for an image or document uploadedusing DLApp.addFileEntry() - not sure why fileEntryId isnt part of the signature but then thought oh well I will just updateFileEntry() with the details like the user interface doea. - NO such method available.

(Sorry for the venting but had to see if others are hitting same frustration and what they do to get around things).