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I need to customize the "community" concept
May 7, 2009 12:04 AM


Hi ,

i'm trying to use liferay for an app i'm developing. Looking at requirements i found that the concept of "community" is
just what i need. The problerm is that i need to refer to it as "Work Team" (in jargon of the application domain).

Moreover i have to build some logic upon Work teams based on Work teams roles (aka liferay Community roles).

There's a way to customize how the "Community" concept is "rendered" ?

As far as i've understood the problem there are two issues here:
1) a "customizability" problem : i want communties but i need to call them in other way (i.e. "WorkTeams")
2) a development problem: i need to build extended business logic (based on appropriate workflows) involving
roles within WorkTeams.

I've to modify the portal source code or i can customize communities just working on ext ?
Anyone has an idea on where to start or can give me some pointers ?

Best Regards,
Oliver Bayer
RE: I need to customize the "community" concept
May 7, 2009 12:40 AM

Oliver Bayer

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if your first question is a naming issue you should be able to change the label "Community" to "Work Team" by overriding the labels within the "Language_" + language This can be done by creating a new e.g. inside the "webapps \ ROOT \ WEB-INF \ classes" dir.