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Georgian ABRAHAM
How to achive the following in Social Office
August 20, 2013 11:09 PM

Georgian ABRAHAM

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Hi All,

How to achive below functionality.

We have recently migrated from liferay 6.0.11 to, On top of, we have started using social office. We would like to know few things as below.
1. Social office automatically creates user private and public pages. we want to use own pages and not social office pages, we will be using SO portlets in these custom public and private user pages. Let us know the approach to disable auto creation of SO pages. We are using user group and community template to create our own custom pages.

2. In My Accounts, we are seeing Projects page/tab is added, we would like to disable the page as well.

3. We are seeing in SO portlets like contact center, my contacts, user info is displaying job location, firstname-last name. Due to legal reason, we would like to see only screen name in every SO portlet pages.and clicking on User should go to our custom Profile page and not to social office dashboard. How we can accomodate this?

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