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a g
onclick event, i need to get the records from database
July 18, 2013 2:15 AM

a g

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If User fill the Travel From and Travel to in the text field, if its already stored in the database, User wants get the existing Landmark and Total Km from the database.

For example:

In Database
records like:

Travel From Travel To LandMark TotalKm

1. Residence Airport InternationAirport 40
2. Airport Residence MMTower 40

If user enter the Travel from text field: Residence and Travel to text field: Airport. The Landmark and Total Km should get the from the database.

if it is not matching, User can enter the Landmark and TotalKm.

How I should achieve this. Please give the suggestion.

Attachments: Travel.jpg (29.4k)

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