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Ivan Budiono
Kaleo Workflow Condition need to access Java Bean
June 12, 2013 9:33 PM

Ivan Budiono

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I use groovy to get the classPK in my condition script.
Well, I need to decide not based on the primary key but based on other data in my bean such as QueueBean.
So, I tried to import my bean class in groovy.

import com.wings.trexmon.bean.QueueBean;

QueueBean queue = QueueBean.getQueue(classPK);
if(queue.getAnotherField() == 1){
returnValue = "path1";
returnValue = "path2";

The problem is that the import statement failed due to unresolved class QueueBean.
It seems that groovy compiler can't find that class.
How can I tell the groovy compiler inside Kaleo to link with my class?
Or is there any better way to get such data?