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Philip Barta
Distributed Content Management within Liferay EE 6.1
May 21, 2013 4:36 PM

Philip Barta

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We are migrating our corporate intranet from Liferay EE 6.0 to Liferay EE 6.1 and we have questions on how to organize our site set to allow for distributed content management. We are looking for the administration of the main sections of the intranet to be siloed but not access to the pages themselves which, for the most part, will be available to anyone within the company (under the same main menu available within the theme). Or vision is to have multiple hierarchies of pages which would be managed by a sub-set of users within different departments within our organization, however, we need all of those pages to be available to all users within the company under the same menu.

For instance, say we had the following main menu structure:

Human Resources
HR Page 1
HR Page 2
Mkg Page 1
Mkg Page 2
Mkg Page 2.1

Information Technology
IT Page 1

Corporate Communications
CC Page 1

Fin Page 1
Fin Page 1.1
Fin Page 1.2
Fin Page 2
Fin Page 3

We would like a select number of the members of the HR department to handle the content maintenance of all pages underneath the “Human Resources” menu Item, the Marketing team to handle all of the pages under “Marketing” section and so forth but we would like all of these sections (Human Resources, Marketing, Information Technology, etc.) available from the main menu to all employees of the company. If the HR team adds a page under the Human Resources hierarchy, we would like the same administrative permissions to be inherited by the new page (we do not want to have to manage permissions for a given page each time we create a new one).

Our requirements are as follows:
1.) A distributed content management model is a must. We need to be able to encapsulate the admin functions of a hierarchy of pages to a small set of users who handle all updates to those pages (or any they wish to create within that hierarchy).
2.) We need all (or most) of the pages to be available to everyone within the company.
3.) We need to unite all of these department page hierarchies underneath the main menu (this includes dropdowns for the sub-pages as well) creating a “portal of departments”, if you will.
4.) We need the menu to be dynamic so that we do not have to manually add any new departments/organizations (at some point, we would obviously need to restructure things if they got out of hand).

We are thinking of using Liferay Organizations for this. Each department will be assigned an organization within Liferay for which they will be responsible for all of the public/private pages within that hierarchy of pages. This satisfies the “siloed administration” and company-wide availability of content requirements but it does not (easily) allow us to unite all of the departments under the main menu. To unite these departments we would imagine that we would need to do some major work to the VMs within the theme.

Is there a cleaner/easier way within Liferay EE 6.1 to accomplish what we are asking?