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Shravan A
Select Structure in "Add Content" button of Web Content Display Portlet
May 20, 2013 1:08 AM

Shravan A

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I am trying provide option to select structure in "Add Content" button of Web Content Display Portlet.

I placed below code in hook to the page--> html \ Journal_Content \ view.jsp

2                         <aui:button-row cssClass="add-permission-button-row">
3                <c:if test="<%= showAddArticleIcon %>">
4                    <div class="add-article-selector">
5                                   <%@ include file="/html/portlet/journal/add_article.jspf" %>
6                    </div>
7                </c:if>
8            </aui:button-row>

on select of structure i am getting
" The struts path journal does not belong to portlet 56_INSTANCE_zxf4gOhdFNgX. Check the definition in liferay-portlet.xml"
in console

What other modifications i have to do.
Thanks in Advance

Shravan A


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