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Thomas Berg
Using api/jsonws from javascript
April 16, 2013 12:04 PM

Thomas Berg

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(Liferay 6.1.1 CE GA2)

Trying to get article content by using this jsonws-method:


This is the snippet I'm using:

 1AUI().use('liferay-service', function(A) {
 2    var params = {
 3            groupId: Number(themeDisplay.getScopeGroupId()),
 4        articleId: '12345',
 5        languageId: themeDisplay.getLanguageId(),
 6        themeDisplay: themeDisplay
 7    };
 9    Liferay.Service(
10          '/journalarticle/get-article-content',
11          params,
12        function(obj) {
13            console.log(obj);
14        }
15    );

When executing the code, I get the following response:

1{"exception":"No JSON web service action associated with path /journalarticle/get-article-content and method GET for /"}

According to LPS-29265, there are some misstakes in the documentation of webservices but when checking the method signature for

, it seems I have the correct parameters so the method should be recognized. Feels a bit wierd to use the javascript-version of themeDisplay as a parameter but I guess it should work? Any ideas?
Adnan Yaqoob
RE: Using api/jsonws from javascript
April 7, 2014 11:32 AM

Adnan Yaqoob

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Any luck... I'm also stuck. I want to use the journalarticle/get-article-content JSON service not sure how to pass languageId and themeDisplay parameters
Krunal Kumar Patel
RE: Using api/jsonws from javascript
July 7, 2016 12:22 AM

Krunal Kumar Patel

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Hi Thomas,

I am also trying to show content using /journalarticle/get-article-content but don't know how can i pass themeDisplay object.

Did you get any solution for this problem.?

Krunal Patel