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Victor Zorin
Using Liferay for HR automation
May 23, 2016 2:58 PM

Victor Zorin

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Last week for one of the clients we have completed a Liferay-based project that automates one of the most cumbersome and expensive HR functions such as Employee Appraisal process.

We have deployed a copy of this setup to Amazon hosting so it can be accessed by those who are interested in the same or similar functionality.

The important features of this Liferay setup are:
1. uses standard Liferay OOTB and 3rd-party portlets (no HR-specific development has been performed)
2. transforms complex paper-based review processes into simple portal-based collaborative functions
3. provides full real-time visibility (summary/dashboard) of progress to business and HR management
4. open-ended integration with external databases and applications via web services and ESB
5. Liferay portal becomes a host to an unlimited number of HR forms and employment-related surveys
6. allows to achieve the most of functions without software development on Liferay side, implementing by just changing preferences of portlets
7. allows business stakeholders (and not just IT personnel) to introduce modifications into business processes and associated electronic forms
8. extremely low cost of deployment and maintenance, and it is also available on Community Edition platform!

For those interested, you can request portal access details via contact page.

Please mention in the 'contact details' section if you are interested in booking a Skype session, so we can answer your questions on the spot and also provide you with live Portal Administration access so you can see the plumbing behind the scene.