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devaraj s
Liferay.war.undeployed after deleting temp files in Jboss Folder
April 8, 2013 12:56 AM

devaraj s

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Hi ,
We are running liferay in existing jboss application server. in jboss root folder we have deployed liferay. Before when i restart the jboss server It was automaticaaly liferay.war deploying.

Here my issue is, While doing server mainatance I used to delete the temp files from jboss folder,.

and when i restart the server in deployemnts filder Liferay.war is displying Liferay.war.undeployed. Again I used to give Liferay.war.dodeploy that time it start deploying.

please can one tell me is what is the relationship with temp files and deployment of liferay automatically.