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Jason Miller
new user having trouble formulating a specific question
March 22, 2013 7:14 AM

Jason Miller

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I'm new to liferay, but I have an installation running, and I have successfully created my own portlet that will be used for our business, so the side representing my real bread and butter is good to go, but I'm having trouble with designing the rest of the site. We have a 12 year old custom solution that has evolved into more of a back end SAAS type deal, such that our "product" (training videos) can be sold (launched) from other people's web sites. We want to use Liferay to replace the front end of our solution and just hook into the back end like our customers do, and have Liferay launch courses and manage our students. I'm 99% sure Liferay can do what we need, but there are a lot of implementation options, and we have a multi-level hierarchy that complicates things a bit.

Our current solution is basically one big web app with one big database and something like liferay's companyid that separates them. We have resellers that buy a domain name and point it to our server, and based on the hostname in the url they'll see the appropriate site, etc. Instances basically. But the trick is that these instances are already heavily optimized for the new site, so it's literally like a 2 minute setup process. They all look almost identical, we just swap out the images. We currently have about 150 instances running, maybe half of them getting regular traffic. But liferay seems like it rolls out instances completely defaulted. Sites doesn't do an actual "site" like I was expecting, it seems more like a section of a site.

Also, our online store is easily instanced, and we will want things like global blog posts versus instance-only blog posts. Or forums like support where all instances access it, and maybe forums for the end users of each particular course, we would want those shared to an extent, but I'm not sure how firmly the Liferay instances are separated. It seems really really separate so far. Or for example I added custom fields to the user object, but those don't seem to exist in the new instance either. I don't know that I want to use Instances specifically, it just seemed the most obvious approach since that's where the virtual host option is located. If instances are the way to go, could we build up some templates or something that could be easily applied to new instances? Is there anything that is shared or can be shared across instances?
Hitoshi Ozawa
RE: new user having trouble formulating a specific question
March 22, 2013 6:45 PM

Hitoshi Ozawa

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Instances is a way to go is you require different domain name and users in each domain need to have separate organizations and users. If you can just use one set of organization and users to service all customers and they don't mind having "sharing" content, you can just set up 1 instance and add "virtual host names". This will just create alias of domain names.

Another option is to just setup liferay on a vm and just clone the master liferay setup.

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