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Phuc Minh Bui
Convert a standard Struts Application to portlet
February 19, 2009 6:57 AM

Phuc Minh Bui

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Dear all,
I have a Struts application, now how can I reuse it as a portlet in Liferay ???

Can you show me the way or tutorials to do that ???


Phuc Bui
Victor Zorin
RE: Convert a standard Struts Application to portlet
February 20, 2009 2:14 AM

Victor Zorin

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Didn't you see this on Wiki ?
It has been refered to numerous times on this forum. By now, practically all struts-related questions have also been answered too.
Do your search, best by using google but making 'liferay' to be a first word in your query. Liferay forum search is not very handy.

There are some differences in struts development, but not major ones.

Struts portlet development would be a piece of cake, once you get used to it.

Do not avoid tiles.

And another struts-related recommendation - do not use Liferay's internal code as a guide for your own development style, especially in JSP area. Unlike documentation, portlet jsps are not good at all, full of java code, it would be a big stretch to call them "a JSP". Would be a challenge to maintain such code. Also, it is a mixbag of presentation and business logic in one place.
I still wonder why does it work better than commercial stuff?

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