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Kiran Kumar Boyini
How to get the event value in jsp page in liferay 6.1
February 27, 2013 8:54 PM

Kiran Kumar Boyini

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Hi All,

I am developing the IPC of type event.It is working fine,I am getting the event value in action class,But I want to get the
event value in jsp page of portlet.

In action class:

 2public class IPCPortlet2Action extends MVCPortlet{   
 3    @javax.portlet.ProcessEvent(qname = "{}ipcValue")
 4    public void handleProcessempinfoEvent(javax.portlet.EventRequest request, javax.portlet.EventResponse response)
 5    throws javax.portlet.PortletException, {   
 6        System.out.println("======handleProcessempinfoEvent()========");
 7            javax.portlet.Event event = request.getEvent();
 8            String value = (String) event.getValue();         
 9                System.out.print("value in process event ------>" + value);
10                response.setRenderParameter("ipcValue", value);            
11     }

Now how to get the "ipcValue" in jsp page of the portlet


Pavan Kumar
RE: How to get the event value in jsp page in liferay 6.1
July 11, 2014 7:23 AM

Pavan Kumar

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Hi Kiran,

In JSP page use below line to get the RenderParameter value from your handleProcessempinfoEvent(..) method.

String ipcValue = (String) request.getParameter("ipcValue");


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