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Sidhardha N
How to get request object in liferay using struts2
February 27, 2013 11:24 AM

Sidhardha N

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I tried to get the request object in struts 2 action class but failed .

Below are the ways i tried to get the object

1 By implementing the portletRequestAware,portletRespnseAware and portletContext to the action class - In this request object is NULL

2 Using PortletActionContext

PortletRequest portletRequest = PortletActionContext.getRequest((); - Request object is null
RenderRequest renderRequest =PortletActionContext.getRenderRequest((); - Request object is null
ActionRequest actionRequest = PortletActionContect.getActionReques();t - Request object is null

After all tries I print the phases(action,render,event) of the request using PortletActionContext.In that event phase is true.

My question:How can i get the request object in event phase and I just click on the navigation(/home) button why the request phase is event?

The purpose of getting the request objecct is to get the logged in person UserId.

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