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Thomas Abruzzo
Configure JAAS properly
February 25, 2013 3:38 PM

Thomas Abruzzo

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Hello all,

I am looking for the most simple way to set up JAAS for Liferay on Tomcat.

Basically I want to download the Liferay bundled with Tomcat and then configure that Liferay to use JAAS. That's it, nothing else, but I can not seem to find any instructions that are not either way overly complicated for what I am looking to do or I follow the instructions and get "JAAS is not configured properly".

I have used these instructions JAAS, Tomcat and LDAP, but I am not using an LDAP server for this test and am looking for instructions that are more simple if they exist.

The other question that I have is that when Liferay gives you the error "JAAS is not configured properly" is there any context to that statement. I have checked the catalina logs to no avail and am wondering if there was another place I could look to find out why it is not configured properly.

Thanks a bunch in advance.