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sahar zangenehpour
how to keep the values in a jsp by calling href in a tag?
February 24, 2013 4:19 AM

sahar zangenehpour

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we have a jsp page which has several inputs like a , b, c, d.
by clicking on search button the whole of jsp page is sent to the controller.
the content of search button is shown in bellow.
<a href="<portlet:renderURL><portlet:param name="action" value="search" /></portlet:renderURL>"></a>
after returning from the controller, the whole information in the a, b, c will become disappeared, but we want to retain them.
after calling href and going to another jsp page with the controller and selecting a value, the selected value will fill the d input.
Is there any method that when calling the href method in search button, the a, b, c value will be retained and the whole page does not go to the controller.

Juhi Kumari
RE: how to keep the values in a jsp by calling href in a tag?
February 24, 2013 10:58 PM

Juhi Kumari

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Hi Sahar,

Although I am not able to clearly understand what you are trying to say, but I think
you want all values should be display in your jsp even after refreshing the page.
If this is your requirement then you can
Set your a,b,c,d values in request or session after getting in controller class
and in jsp get those values.


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