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Matthew Dixon
Superfluous Document Libraries over WebDAV
February 21, 2013 8:20 AM

Matthew Dixon

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I have created a 6.1.1 GA2 portal, with several sites, one organization and three child organizations. The organizations are used only for arranging users, i.e. they don't have pages associated with them. Users do not have personal private or public pages.

When I connect to the portal over WebDAV, I see a DL directory for (i) each site that has the current user as a member, and for (ii) the current user, (iii) the Guest role (iv) all of the organizations of which the signed on user is a member. In most cases this is two, i.e. the parent and one of the child organizations.

(ii) through (iv) are unnecessary, and I don't want users to be able to upload documents to them because those documents will be inaccessible through the portal.

How can I disable these DLs appearing over WebDAV? They are not accessible via the Portal control panel (e.g. setting scope to Global) and seem to appear regardless of whether any site is associated with that scope.

Is this "as intended" or an issue?


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