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Ram A
Disable "Access from desktop" to the usergroup in document library
February 20, 2013 7:14 AM

Ram A

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I am new to liferay.
I am using Liferay 6.0.6.

My requirement is to provide the access to perticular folder 'folderA' only to the user group.
For this i created a user group and created a new role for this usergroup.

I defined the permission to that folder(folderA) to this role now and i have given the control panel access to this usergroup.

Now when user go to the document library he is able see "Actions" button to perform the operations on that folder only. But "Access from Desktop" is (only)visible to all the other folders .

If i deleted the View permission to Document Library folder from defined permission to that role ,Then "Access from Desktop" is disabled for those other folders and i am seeing the "Actions" button also to the folder 'folderA'.But if the user 'A' created the folder/file in that folder 'folderA' then it is not visisble to the other memebers in that user group.
Even Admin people creates the fodler it was not visible to the members of that user group.

Can anyone please help me disable "Access from Desktop"to the other folder to the usergroup .

Thanks in advance

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