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Tim Cardwell
Adding Modulus to a Dynamic Query
February 19, 2013 2:08 PM

Tim Cardwell

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Does anyone know how to add a modulus operator to a dynamic query?

For example, lets say i want to make a really simple query like so:
2SELECT * FROM ResourcePermission permission
3WHERE permission.companyId = 10154
4AND permission.scope = 4
5AND permission.roleId = 10165
6AND (permission.actionIds % 2) = 1;

This is a valid query in T-SQL.

If I wanted to turn the above into a dynamic query, I would do something like this:
2DynamicQuery query = DynamicQueryFactoryUtil.forClass(DLFolder.class, "permission")
3    .add(PropertyFactoryUtil.forName("permission.companyId").eq(10154))
4    .add(PropertyFactoryUtil.forName("permission.scope").eq(4))
5    .add(PropertyFactoryUtil.forName("permission.roleId").eq(10165));
6    // Need to add modulus check

Is it possible to add the modulus operation into a dynamic query operator?


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