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Ram A
Restrict the access to somepages under Managepages to usergroup
February 19, 2013 5:55 AM

Ram A

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I have some pages under my community 'HealthSystems'.
I created the role "Role1" to the usergroup 'groupA' and i defined the permission to the page 'Enquiries' to the role 'Role1' only.
And the this role doesn't have any permission to the other pages.

when i logged in with the users having that role he can access all the pages and he is able to do the modification(create,edit,delete) to the all pages under "Manage Pages" section. Not only to the 'Enquiries' Page and its subpages.

My requirement is :
if the user having role 'Role1' logged into the application and when he go to "Manage Pages" section ,he should be able see and access and manage only 'Enquiries' pages and its subpages only not the other pages.

Is it possible ?

Can anyone please help me if it is possible .

Thanks in advance
Ram A