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Seeya S Kudtarker
Aperte Reports Manager is temporarily unavailable.
February 18, 2013 10:51 PM

Seeya S Kudtarker

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When I try to click on Aperte reports in the portal, I get the error:
Aperte Reports Manager is temporarily unavailable.

The log is as follows:

06:50:24,414 ERROR [http-bio-8080-exec-16][render_portlet_jsp:154] org.hibernate.HibernateException: 'hibernate.dialect' must be set when no Connection available
at org.hibernate.dialect.resolver.DialectFactory.buildDialect(
at org.hibernate.cfg.SettingsFactory.buildSettings(
at org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.buildSettingsInternal(
at org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.buildSettings(
at org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.buildSessionFactory(
at org.apertereports.dao.utils.SQLUtil.configureSessions(
at org.apertereports.dao.utils.SQLUtil.<clinit>(
at org.apertereports.dao.utils.WHS.p(
at org.apertereports.dao.ReportTemplateDAO.countMatching(
at org.apertereports.components.ReportManagerComponent$2.getListSize(
at org.apertereports.components.PaginatedPanelList.filter(
at org.apertereports.components.ReportManagerComponent.init(
at org.apertereports.components.ReportManagerComponent.<init>(
at org.apertereports.ManagerApplication.portletInit(
at org.apertereports.AbstractReportingApplication.applicationInit(
at eu.livotov.tpt.TPTApplication.init(
at com.vaadin.Application.start(
at com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.server.AbstractApplicationPortlet.startApplication(
at com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.server.AbstractApplicationPortlet.handleRequest(
at com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.server.AbstractApplicationPortlet.doDispatch(

What would be problem?
Hitoshi Ozawa
RE: Aperte Reports Manager is temporarily unavailable.
February 19, 2013 2:51 PM

Hitoshi Ozawa

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Should post this question to the Aperte Report google code project.

Try contacting one of the members there or creating an issue if you think this is a bug.

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