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Marco Lalla
touch context.xml - tomcat or liferay remove all portlets
February 15, 2013 2:11 AM

Marco Lalla

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After modify to context.xml (or simple touch the file), all deployed application will be removed.

Steps to replicate the problem:
- Download Liferay6.1 CE bundled with Tomcat-7.0.27
- Start liferay and install some portlets
- Touch or modify the file <liferay_home>/<tomcat_7.0.27_home>/conf/context.xml (ie. you may need a new datasource)

After modify the file context.xml (or simple touch) tomcat starts to undeploy all application (you can see the logs: catalina.out).
My problem is: all application will be removed! Take a look to the folder <liferay_home>/<tomcat_7.0.27_home>/webapps/

Download tomcat-7.0.27 (without liferay) and make the same operations, tomcat make only a redeploy for all applications (without remove).

Anybody had this problem?
May be a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Karen Gleason
RE: touch context.xml - tomcat or liferay remove all portlets
December 16, 2013 7:48 AM

Karen Gleason

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We are running the same versions (except a newer version of Tomcat 7.0.39) and noticed the same thing. Has anyone figured out what's causing this yet?